A cosy knit to get the ball rolling…

Well, the leaves are turning, the morning air has a distinct chill and the nights are drawing in…

That can only mean one thing around here – new hats! Chris was keen to acquire a nice  cosy Peruvian style ‘ear flap’ hat ready for chilly days on the allotment I had just the yarn in mind… I had a hunt around for a suitable pattern and came up with a wonderful free pattern from Interweave Knits ‘Cover your Ears‘ collection.

Peruvian Ear Flap Hat

The yarn is Artesano Aran in Midnight, Maple & Twilight and it used less than a skein of the main colour (Midnight) and much much less than a skein of the other two shades. The boys are now demanding smaller scale versions for themselves so the colourways will be switched accordingly to use the remainder up!


Peruvian Ear Flap Hat

I’ve got my eye on the Army Girl Ear Flap… ‘cos girls get chilly too!!

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