Socktoberfest 2009!

I have a penchant for hand knitted socks, indeed a pair of socks were my first ‘finished object’ as an adult knitter. It was the desire to knit socks from wonderful yarn that forced me to make the leap from ‘learning to knit’ random squares to a full-on project (and one with 5 double pointed needles, heel turning and toe grafting to boot!)



I usually have a pair of socks on the needles… small enough to carry around lest there should be an ‘opportunity to knit’ while playing at a friends house with a total of 6 children between us (there never is but we live in hope) or watching over my 3 at the local park (there never is but we live in hope), complex enough to keep me engaged – I like a little bit of lace and the odd fancy heel flap to up the ante!

And here we are again… Socktoberfest. The annual month of celebratory sock knitting. For me, celebrating the change in season to sock-wearing weather (we often have that in July here as well but we don’t celebrate that!) and welcoming in the ‘proper’ knitting season – there’s something not-quite-right about knitting on the beach unless you’ve got a tweed blanket over your knees and a Thermos by your side.

This year I have a Mystery Sock on the needles courtesey of Kirsten from Through the Loops who hosted a similar Knit-a-long (KAL) last year to rapturous applause.  Somehow, dividing a sock pattern up into 4 chunks a revealing them week by week results in a perfect pair of socks, complete & resplendant with no hint of the dreaded ‘single sock syndrome’. It’s only day 4 of the KAL and sock 2/clue 1 is almost complete so I have high hopes. I’m using a particularly wonderful shade of Dazzle sock weight yarn from the Natural Dye Studio


Dazzle - aqua

Just to make Socktoberfest just that little bit more enjoyable we’ve also got 10% off all our sock yarn for the whole of October – so there’s no excuse not to be just as excited about socks as we are!

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