truly, truly…

We got our first delivery of Fyberspates Scrumptious DK earlier in the week…

fyberspates scrumptious


Just 4 of the 7 shades that we ordered have arrived so far. To be honest, all 7 shades in one box might have been just too much to cope with! This is the silkiest softest silk/merino blend dyed in the richest, most beautiful colours we have seen in some while. I have a tendency to over-use the phrase ‘jewel-like’ when I’m talking about gorgeous yarn but honestly, it doesn’t do these tones justice.

I took a handful of skeins off to my local knitting night this week and they were passed around and fondled with spontaneous ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ escaping fromeven the most hardened yarnies! I came home with less than I took of course!

We’re intending to follow up the DK weight yarn with a sock weight and a lace weight in complimentary shades. I think Jeni at Fyberspates might have her work cut out in 2010!

One thought on “truly, truly…

  1. Who did your photography of the wool?
    I have never seen wool look so beautiful before – it’s gorgeous photography!
    I’m a designer and often need photographers so would be keen on getting the details from you. Thanks, Sophie

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