snowy alpacas…

We live just around the corner from these beautiful Alpacas…

Alpacas in the snow

We often stop to say hello when we are out for a walk. Conditions in rural Suffolk aren’t often like the Andean mountains that these animals are native to but this last week I imagine they felt quite at home!

There are 12 of them, all different and they  have such expressive faces! I believe that the land owner rents out the field to the owner  of the Alpacas in return for their fleeces – I really should investigate further! That is fine Alpaca fleece!

We had a lovely visit to a local Alpaca farm recently, complete with a fascinating tour around their Mini Mill. The boys got to pet an Alpaca, learnt about their diet, habitat and fleece and I discovered a shop full of locally bred, locally spun Alpaca yarn! I will be revisiting (without the children!) in the New Year…

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