Christmas baby = New year knitting!

One of our close neighbours safely delivered a gorgeous baby boy just after Christmas. We’d been on tenterhooks all over Christmas waiting for news from his two big sisters who regularly appear at our back door and are our boys’ dearest playmates. Christmas Day& Boxing Day came and went with no news and then finally we heard that baby E had arrived, safe and well!

So, without further ado the knitting commenced (I never like to knit for a newborn until the news of a safe arrival has reached us) and I set to work on this gorgeous Scandinavian style cap and mittens. With the UK being in the grip of freezing weather at the moment it should get some wear while he’s still tiny!

Scandinavian baby hat & mittens

The yarn is Babylonglegs Sock Yarn in ‘Blue Banana’ and I used just under 50g so there’s plenty left for matching bootees and a ‘blankie’ should the urge take me…

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