Just in the nick of time!

The knitting has been rolling off the needles at a pace since Christmas and this cosy Baktus Neckerchief has been wrapped snugly around my chilly neck almost constantly for the last week as temperatures have plummeted.


I used a skein of Zauberball from Schoppel Wolle in the delightful ‘creme of chocolate’ colourway. The slow transitions from pale cream through to dark brown are reminiscent of a pint of Guinness settling – now there’s an idea!

I stole a rather nice ‘mod’ from Eskimimi (Ravelry link) and split the skein into 2 50g balls before I started, alternating balls every other row to get this great stripe running through as well as the transitions. It’s got lovely areas of almost completely dark/completely light in between the ‘stripy’ sections which I find very pleasing…

It is also fabulously warm yet lightweight. I might even take it off for long enough to block it some time soon – but I’m making no promises!

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