at the front of the queue

Ever since we took delivery of Artesano’s 4ply Alpaca yarn I’ve been looking out for a project to utilise it. The colour palette is just chock full of glorious, rich vibrant hues that are perfect for this soft Alpaca with a slight ‘halo’ … rustic yet modern.

Well, I finally found the perfect sweater. Meet Enid. She’s slightly retro, bold yet a little coy at the same time and I am dying to combine these shades in that patterned yoke. I have been keeping a ball of each of the 6 colours I’ve chosen close by for the last couple of weeks in a bid to select a clear and firm ‘winner’ for the main body colour and after contemplating the vibrant grassy green of ‘Brazil’ a while I have – I think – settled on the more muted but none the less rich chocolate brown of ‘Cocoa’. I just have to get some of that turquoise ‘Bolivia’ and the perfect cherry red of ‘Chile’ next to it…

I am currently thinking that I’ll modify it to be a pull-over rather than the cardigan in the pattern… I do have quite a surplus of ‘cardis’ at the moment – plus it would remove the terror (ahem) of the required steek. We will see!

So, I just need to get an almost completed project off the needles (photos imminent!) this evening in order to clear some necessary ‘head space’ and I will be casting on. Progress shots to follow…

4 thoughts on “at the front of the queue

  1. What a beautiful cardigan – those graduated colours remind me of Kaffe Fasette. Can you provide some more details of where to find the pattern please, like which edition of the Interweave magazine it came from. I would love to knit this.

    • Hi Ana

      It’s from Interweave Winter 2006 but you can buy & download the pattern as an individual pdf file from the Interweave pattern store.

      I am very excited about it – so much so that I can’t quite bring my self to cast on for fear of disappointment!

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