double thick mittens by Adrian Bizilia

Back in January 2009 I cast on for a pair of mittens from the book The Knitter’s book of Yarn. After huge deliberation and consideration of the wonderful range of colours available I ordered 3 beautiful skeins of Hebridean 2-ply as per the pattern specifications. I tackled the picot edge, the braid and all of the colourwork section on mitten # 1 before the grim truth could be ignored no longer… the mitten was too narrow. I have quite big hands which are also quite ‘square’ and there was just no way that this slender mitt was going to be comfortable forced onto my ‘shovel-for-a-hand’! So I frogged.

Summer came and went and we hit winter 2009/10. One of the coldest, snowiest, longest winters we’ve experienced for some while. So, I cast on again. Having grown significantly in confidence knitting stranded colour work since last winter my lack of inner tension made for more relaxed, looser knitting tension and after a few rows of the colour work section I felt confident that this attempt would be fine. And indeed it was…

These are gorgeous mittens! Ready just in time for the ice and snow to melt away and for us to feel those first few warming rays of spring sunshine… Oh well! We have certainly got a few more chilly weeks ahead of us and they will be ready and waiting for the first sign of frost next winter!

The yarn was beautiful to work with and has fuelled a real interest in some of our less glamorous, shall we say more ‘rustic’ sheep breeds. Especially those that inhabit the chilly isles off the far north coast of Scotland. While working this Hebridean 2 ply is tough, even rough, on the hands but has wonderful body and a great twist that sets the patterns beautifully. Once washed and blocked it blooms and becomes a cushion of warmth with the faintest fuzzy halo. The colours are intense and all from nature. It’s easy to imagine garmets made from this yarn being worn in a windswept landsacpe of heathers and evergreens…

All Ravelled here

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