Debbie Bliss Eco Baby

We’ve had a sudden influx of boxes and  parcels this week which we have been slowly unpacking, squishing, oohing & aahing over and photographing (well, it’s mainly been me squishing and oohing & aahing – Chris doesn’t get quite so seduced by the yarn but I’m working on him!)

I will blog the various additions over the next wee while but I couldn’t hold back from introducing our first yarn from Debbie Bliss… Now, I had resisted the bulk of the DB range up to now partly for practical reasons (it’s a huge range!) and partly out of a gut feeling relating to the microfibre content of some of the more popular yarns in the range. It’s just not something that I really like. Being an old washerwoman with 3 children, one of whom is still in (terry) nappies, I seem to spend a good proportion of each day washing my hands and no matter how much hand cream I liberally apply they have the texture of the kind of sandpaper you use to rub down lumps of 2 by 4!  As a result, knitting with anything with microfibre content is a horribly ‘sticky’ experience and not one I’d knowingly choose…

The Eco Baby yarn, however, has no microfibre. It is just 100% pure Fairtrade Cotton – and it’s lovely. When the rep called by and happened to open the case (he knows how I feel about microfibre and we don’t go there!) I was hooked. When I saw the gorgeous pattern book that accompanies the yarn there was no way I was letting him leave until he’s taken my order (yes, he’s a good rep!)

The colours are wonderful. Soft, yet sophisticated and the patterns are just so cute, without being too ‘baby’.

As a bonus, the Eco Baby yarn is exactly the same yardage and knits to the same tension as the Baby Cashmerino DK (with the afforementioned microfibre – ahem!) so you can knit any of the Cashermerino patterns in the Eco Baby yarn and you don’t even have to recalculate the no. of balls required.

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