A Sublime little knit

Last weekend saw the 1st birthday of the newest member of our extended family. Chris’s nephew was the Birthday Boy extraordinaire and our gang got to indulge in cake and party favours while the sun shone! Around a week before the big day I realised – to my horror –  that this little lad hadn’t been on the receiving end of a hand knitted gift yet! Quite how he managed to make it to the grand age of ONE with not so much as a hat or pair of mittens just for him is a mystery but it was definitely time to make amends…

The criteria were simple… with just a week to complete I needed something speedy and cute. I trawled Ravelry and came up with this delightful little sweater. It’s Five Fruits (Ravelry link) by Amanda Kerr. I chose to use Sublime Organic Cotton in muted yet sophisticated shades of blue, green and cream and I’m really pleased with the result. I’m not usually a huge fan of knitting with cotton – often I find it a bit too much like knitting with string – but this was really delightful. So soft…. a fact that was commented on immediately by the parents of the recipient who were pleased that their littlest has joined the ‘Aunty Anj Handknit Club’  at last!

A simple fisherman’s neck, rolled cuffs and a lovely turned and hemmed bottom edge made for a very satisfying quick knit with lovely results. I even had 4 perfect little buttons to hand to complete it just in the nick of time (it’s OK to complete the gift in the car on the way to the party isn’t it?)

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