stop-gap breiwick

I have a few projects on the needles at the moment – one of them being enid who is coming along nicely (if only I could consistently measure in either centimetres or inches but not a mixture of both!!) but I found myself out of yarn over a recent holiday weekend and needed something to ‘keep me going’. I happened to have a skein of Dream in Color ‘Classy’ that I’d been meaning to turn into one of these for a while…

It’s a Breiwick by Gudrun Johnston. I love her patterns and have knit several over the last couple of years. They are always clear and her combinations of flattering shapes and traditional stitch patterns make for classic knits.

As you may have noticed it’s now almost June – and even in the UK that’s not traditionally a time for thinking about woolly hats, however, after the Winter just past turned out to be the coldest in living memory and I got through it without good and warm hand knitted headwear I am determined not to be caught out again! Ha! Just try and freeze my ears off next winter and I’ll be ready for you!! That’s providing I can remember where I’ve carefully stored my new treasure that it…

I may even knit another, slightly more fitted version – maybe with some Rowan Felted Tweed that I just happen to have lying around (doesn’t everyone?)

The verdict on the yarn – it’s the first time I’ve knit with Dream in Color – is great. I’d heard so much about it and when the random skein arrived I wasn’t sure I could quite see what the fuss was about. Yes, it was nice enough but first off the colour (Tea Party) didn’t grab me completely *but* I have to say once I started knitting and could see the colour variation and tone properly I was smitten. The dye technique really is rather nice!

The pattern was, as always with Gudrun’s patterns, lovely to work up with an interesting cast on that will be my favoured one for ribbed cast-ons from now on and the simple hourglass slipped stitch pattern soon lodged itself in my head so I was able to pick it up and put it down at the whim of the 3 offspring without going wrong too many times!

It may become the hat of choice for the next cold season – watch this space!

One thought on “stop-gap breiwick

  1. I love that hat! I had to laugh at your comment of no hat to wear. I was convinced I had no hat all winter too then on Friday I decided to sort out all of the kids hats, gloves and scarves in an attempt to tidy the hallway up+ put them away for the summer and found I had loads of hats!! Ahh well, you can never have too many šŸ˜‰

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