Are you a Hazel Knut?

‘Cos Hazel Knits is here…

Yep! A big box of Artisan Sock Yarn landed in the office last week and it lives up to (and beyond!) all expectations.

It was hard choosing just a dozen shades to kick off the range with…. but I got there in the end and there are none that disappoint!

This yarn base is custom milled for Hazel Knits and is a super tight twist yarn, the closest I’ve come across – and also from the US – is the Socks That Rock ‘Lightweight’ although I don’t believe that has the nylon content and it’s definitely a little heavier.

The colours are *amazing*! Rich, true shades that are subtly ‘tinted’ to add ‘pop’ (to quote Wendee from Hazel Knits!)

I just don’t know which shade to test knit (ahem!) first… because of course, while it’s perfect for socks we’re really really excited about the possibilities for shawlettes, scarves, mitts and all the other lovely projects that will showcase the georgous colours and amazing stitch definition that the twist will give.

Here are just a few of my current favourites… but I’m fairly confident they will have changed by this time tomorrow šŸ˜‰

'shady verdant'

'spanish wine'




'high ocTANG'

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