my world : the ‘meadow’

Inspired by a new series on a blog I like to read, I thought you might like a peek at a little piece of our world.

This is where we work…

the meadow yarn office

We are incredibly lucky to rent this amazing office/warehouse space! One of those happy ‘friend of a friend of a friend’ finds that we still can’t quite believe – even several years down the line!

It’s a big part of our ‘world’.  A space where the family can happily hang out while we work.  A truly inspirational place to spend time – so much more than just an ‘office’. The right hand part of the building, with the windows, is the office. The left hand part is the back of a range of open garages – where the tractor is often parked and where the summer visiting swallows nest around this time each year. It’s also now that the buttercups come into flower. They apparently don’t make particularly good hay – which is what the meadow is cut for each summer – but they do make for a very beautiful outlook…

the meadow yarn 'meadow'!

And somehow I always feel inclined to knit something yellow at this time of the year! Most especially when the sun is shining!

4 thoughts on “my world : the ‘meadow’

  1. Hello Anj!
    You are indeed very lucky! I don’t think I would get *anything* done if I worked there. Thank you for letting me peek into your world.

    • Yes, we are very very very lucky! It’s also lucky that what’s on the inside is as inspirational as what’s outside or I wouldn’t ever get *anything* done!!

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