My ‘cloud’ Annis is off the needles!

and what’s more, it is also blocked and the ends are woven in!

It was a pleasure to knit (especially once I’d seen ‘joyo’s’ link to a fab you tube tutorial that made the nupps far less painful!)

I contemplated using the Natural Dye Studio Cloud held double as it’s a much lighter weight lace yarn than the Miss Babs called for in the original pattern but in the end I feared that the nupps might just prove too much with yarn held double so cast on with just a single strand. This made for a smaller shawl than the original but it’s perfectly wearable…

The details are beautiful – if not occasionally imperfect as a result of my own inability to concentrate (I blame the kids!)

The yarn was wonderful to work with, the subtle tones creating lovely areas of light and shade and ‘shimmer’ – and what is more, I have several hundred yards of the skein left! I feel there may be more shawlettes on the horizon…

For full pattern details check out Ravelry and Knitty

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