Knit Nation – London 2010

We’ve been looking forward to Knit Nation since we first heard about it last year! As a relatively new retailer and a very small one at that we weren’t brave enough to commit to a stand but if it happens again you can be sure we’ll be there in more than a ‘shopping’ capacity!

How nice it was to be a shopper there this weekend though 😉

The marketplace was literally buzzing with the sound of excited yarn lovers and the atmosphere was wonderful. The mix of retailers, dyers & spinners as well as designers, publishers and purveyors of general yarn related goodies was perfect and quite how I maintained my relative restraint I’m still not sure!

I met new faces and old, some ‘known’ for many years but never met, others local but still new…

I made the obligatory visit to the Wollmeise stand – which even on day 3 of the event was still amazingly full of fabulous yarn! Having never seen it ‘in the flesh’ so to speak I have to concur that the colour saturation is quite astounding… a skein of my favourite shade of green jumped off the shelf and into my arms – well, what was I to do? It would have been rude not to buy it…

Another stand at the top of my list for a visit was Old Maiden Aunt.  A fine artisan dyer based in West Kilbride I have long lusted after her yarn from afar and it didn’t disappoint up close either. Just the one skein of superwash Merino sock yarn but rest assured I will be dropping by her web site fairly regularly!

wollmeise on the left, old maiden aunt on the right

The wollmeise skein is ‘pistachio’ in the ‘Twin’ sock weight and what it will become I am not yet sure – but almost certainly *not* a pair of socks! More likely a shawl of some kind I think… but then again maybe a Socktoberfest special might tempt me…

The Old Maiden Aunt is Superwash Merino in the wonderfully named ‘Midnight Owl’ from the inspired ‘I made you this mixtape’ collection. It is destined to become the dark stripes of my soon-to-be-cast-on ‘Chipmunk’. Yes, I am finally taking the plunge and goign with the EZ EPS (that’s Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage System) formula to attempt to make my very own one of these (Rav link) I just have to track down the right silvery grey shade of Superwash Sock Yarn and I’ll be off. Ideas anyone?

Other goodies procurred at Knit Nation were the sorts of bits and bobs I am generally a sucker for!

tillyflop & chookiebirdie

Lovely greetings cards from Tillyflop who I had spotted on Etsy previously. You can’t go wrong with the ‘Keep Calm & Cast On’ motto to live by! I also spotted the lovely felt badge on the Old Maiden Aunt stall. Made by Chookiebirdie the colour combination is inspired and I have been poring over her web site ever since (I want a tea cosy like that!)

So, Knit Nation was fab! Thanks to Cookie A and Alice from Socktopus for the absolutely phenomenal amount of work they must both have put into transforming the idea into the reality it became! Not to mention all the lovely smiley people who made it run like clockwork on the day too…

As I strolled back up Exhibition Road to meet the Chris, the 3 boys & Nanny & Gramps who were ensconced in the Science Museum I wished I’d had the time to take a couple of classes and stick around for the Ravelry party – maybe next time!

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