FO: ‘Enid’

Enid is finally off the needles, ends woven in and blocked! She was a WIP for a while… Being a 4-ply knit from the bottom-up it did take a while to get through the swathe of chocolate brown stockinette in-the-round and a couple of other projects managed to sneak in along the way! But, she is here and I think she is a success!

I don’t think this one is likely to get worn ‘properly’ for a while yet though- that 100% Alpaca is pretty warm and being mid-August – even in the UK – it’s not really Alpaca weather! Even this quick photo shoot was a tad uncomfortable!

But the fit is good and I *love* the colours! There was lots of deliberation and a definite pause before I started on the yoke while I spent some time with various combinations! It’s so *hard* to make decisions when you can have (almost) anything you want!

To be honest, the stranded colour work could have looser floats – it seems no matter how long/loose I think I am leaving them they are always just slightly too tight and the result is a yoke that has a very slight puckered look to it in places. I’m prepared to live with that though – and as the yarn is Alpaca it has a halo that almost lends itself to that slightly textured effect…

I decided to leave the neck and bottom to roll naturally rather than hem as per the pattern. I like the effect at the neck better than the turned and stitched option which I tried first. I might hem the bottom edge at some point once I’ve got a feel for how it sits ‘in action’.

You can see all the yarn details here (Rav link) but it’s all Artesano Alpaca 4 ply which was wonderful to work with and comes in the most wonderful shades…

One thought on “FO: ‘Enid’

  1. Your Enid is lovely. I’ve got a copy of this pattern and would love to make it but have never knitted something top-down before, so I’m a bit nervous of starting it 15 times and then giving up.

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