The Handmade Exchange – we’ve exchanged!

Back in the Spring I signed up for a wonderful Handmade Exchange organised by Nancy of Main’s restaurant and host of my weekly ‘Stitch & Sip’ evening.

My partner revealed herself as a non’knitter so it was especially exciting  anticipating the arrival of my handmade gift… I had no idea what it might be. I knew that Lucy was a ‘cross stitcher’ and had an interest in books but I would never have dreamed that this delightful note book would arrive when we exchanged…

A beautiful handmade book, complete with hand stitching and binding. The cover is linen which has been absolutely beautifully ‘cross stitched’ in shades of plum and green complete with my name (so that means hands off boys!!)

I am no cross stitcher and know little of it as a craft but I can tell that this is sublime stitching and as far removed from my (very stereotypical!) idea of what cross stitch looks like as can be…

Thanks you so much Lucy!

My gift to Lucy was a pair of mitts, made from Noro yarn in shades of plum, green and gold. To use up a little of the left over yarn I made a brooch/pin using a pattern for a rose from Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers book. Finished with a vintage button it is my kind of jewellery – and I’m glad to say that Lucy reported back that it was indeed her kind of jewellery too!

Now… if only I’d remembered to photograph the finished items before I posted them!!! Grrrr…

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