Manos del Uruguay ‘clasica’ baby blanket

One of the nicest things about selling yarn for a living is seeing all of the wonderful things that those innocuous little balls/cakes/skeins get transformed into. The rise and rise of Ravelry has certainly made that easier for us solitary on-line businesses to catch up with our knitters’ progress but there’s no substitute for the ‘real thing’ and I am lucky to have a wonderful group of local patrons via my Tuesday night ‘Stitch & Sip’ who work their magic with the yarn I peddle and then bring the finished objects back to show me!

Like this…

Several skeins of Manos Del Uruguay Clasica in the gorgeous ‘Hercules’ shade transformed into a wonderful baby blanket – set to become a family heirloom for sure!

A tactile garter stitch border with a soft, snuggly centre panel, complete with teddy sporting complimentary silk ribbon!

Thanks for loaning it to us to photograph Liz! (Now I just need to come up with a better technique for photographing blankets, hmmm…)

It’s also given us the opportunity to test out a fab new feature in the shop. If you’re in need of inspiration for the yarn you’re viewing we’ll be offering wonderful glimpses of the potential as we come across them! Just click the ‘inspration’ link…

3 thoughts on “Manos del Uruguay ‘clasica’ baby blanket

      • This was knit by my friend… I have a feeling it may have been improvised hence no link to a pattern in this post but I’m fairly sure it was a moss stitch border with a stocking stitch centre panel and an appliqued, knitted teddy… I’ll quiz the knitter when I see her at Stitch & Sip and get back to you!

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