October – knitting round-up / confession

October has been a busy month! The store has been getting steadily busier as we head into prime ‘knitting season’ and home life has had the usual variety of birthdays, minor illnesses, kid’s parties and other incidentals all adding  to the day-to-day excitement!

Knitting has been ticking along though, sometimes in the foreground and other times most definitely in the background as ‘life’ takes over. This ‘pile’ represents the progress, or otherwise, made during this crafty month…

There’s been a bit of progress on the blue ‘correspondent’ scarf…

Quite a lot of progress on the wonderful ‘Kozue’ scarf/wrap in the beautiful green ‘Past & Present’ Posh Yarn…

The remnants of the balls of Sublime used for a couple of reversible squares for a secret cot blanket (ssshhhh….)

and perhaps most excitingly, my Chipmunk is ready for steeking!!!

More on that next week – I’m going to make sure that you’re all holding my virtual hand when I get to the point of cutting the current sweater in order to transform it into a cardigan!!

The skeins of Hazel Knits – in the fabulous ‘hoppy blonde’ shade – are just about ready to cast on for my next project, the Madeline Tosh ‘Hay’ cardigan which I am very excited about…

What the observant among you may have noticed is the very obvious lack of socks…

Hmmm, now the ’round-up’ becomes a confession!! After all my contemplation and deliberating over the choice of yarns, the subtleties of shades of pumpkin and saffron, the excitement over the imminent Through the Loops Mystery Sock pattern…. I have failed *miserably* to even cast on!!! A sock-less Socktoberfest seems certain given there are only 2 days of October left (and one of those is going to be consumed with a fifth birthday!!) Oh well, there’s always next year…

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