Needle Candy…

There’s nothing better than a trawl around the wonder that is Flickr to boost the spirit and get the creative juice going and while I often find myself drooling over ‘finished objects’ – be they amazing quilts, knitted or crocheted beauties or simply little peeks into everyday lives with vintage treasures sometimes all I really need to see is yarrrrnnnnnn…

Colour, texture, situation, the heady combination of all of these…

It's a colour thing!

1. NORO Kureyon 165, 2. fuzzy friend, 3. my malabrigo stash, 4. not true-to-color at all., 5. Untitled, 6. Prep Work: Winding the Hanks, 7. Sundae, 8. c r o c h e t, 9. Ta-da!, 10. Malabrigo Sock :: Arbol, 11. Cakes of Sundara FSM, 12. Silky Signals, 13. arauncania coliumo multy yarn, 14. stashbusting, 15. Ball Winding Noro, 16. feels like fall.

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to pick up your needles nothing will! I am feeling the vibe from honey mustard, sage green, pumpkin and deep rich red with the occasional citrus zing at the moment… What’s getting your creative juices flowing?

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