because no one likes cold feet!

It seems Winter is here before Autumn really got into gear around these parts! The drive to the office this morning through snow covered countryside was beautiful but a little surreal as most of the trees still have their leaves! A glorious riot of gold and brown against a back drop of white!

The weather may suit one of Autumn’s key trends though… We’ve been struggling to keep up with demand for the wonderful Icelandic Alafoss Lopi yarn that is perfect for this season’s chunky cables and fair isle and it’s not hard to see why!

Alafoss Lopi Yarn

It’s fabulous value for money and we even have a selection of wonderfully retro sweater and cardi patterns to compliment it, here are just a few to tempt you…

How can you resist??

Well, ever since it arrived I’ve been itching to use some of it to knit Chris a pair of slippers! He has been requesting felted slippers since I first took up the needles and for one reason or another (mostly that I’m a very selfish knitter!!) they haven’t ever made it quite to the top of the queue. The Lopi however, presented the perfect opportunity to score some Brownie points! And then I came across this blog post which led me to this pattern and voila – the ‘man bootie’ was cast on (and no more than 2 or 3 days later cast off – these are a quick knit!!) No need for felting, straight on to chilly toes…

Man Booties

Alafoss Abbey Road...

I think he likes them…

One thought on “because no one likes cold feet!

  1. I could do with a pair of these right now, my toes are cold & I can’t find my slippers! Hope the woodcrafting is fun & not too snowy. Nx

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