Woolly Christmas!

First off, apologies for the distinct lack of blogging lately! We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year celebration (if you celebrate) and a wonderful restful holiday filled with cosy knitting, crocheting and general woolly indulgence…

Mr Meadow Yarn and I don’t tend to indulge gift-wise between ourselves at Christmas but it’s never difficult to find a little something to please a lover of all things woolly and I found this little ‘gem’ under the tree this year…

Now that’s my idea of jewellery!! It came from the wonderful Damson & Slate. A treasure trove of Welsh beauty… be warned, clicking on that link may lead to bouts of wanton coveting.

Mr Meadow Yarn – the bread baker amongst us – found a new 2lb loaf tin and a ‘panibois’ proving basket under the tree with his name on (and they say romance is dead!!)

I was also very very touched to find a little parcel in amongst a pre-Christmas delivery from the wonderful Babylonglegs. As well as lots and lots of fabulous yarn to top up our stock levels Sarah had very generously included a little something for me…

She must have picked up on my love for this particular variegated Meriboo sock yarn after some of our recent conversations about our next delivery;

Sarah: “Any particular requirements for your next batch of yarn?”

Me: “No, go with whatever takes your fancy, well as long as we get some Apples & Pears…”

Sarah: “So, a mixture of solids, semi-solids and variegated?”

Me: “Yes, as long as we get some Apples & Pears…”

Me: “You did catch that, I’m really very fond of the Apples & Pears…”

It seems she anticipated my cunning plan to sidle furtively away from the newly opened box of stock with one of these tucked up my jumper 😉 Thank you so much Sarah – mwah!

I am contemplating turning it into one of these (rav link) … whaddya think??

One thought on “Woolly Christmas!

  1. Hurrah – Yes I think that would be a lovely cowl to make with your Apples & Pears. Do love your ring – even without soap suds!
    N xx

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