We’re really pleased to be stocking Rowan yarn for the first time.,,

Having anticipated a *huge* delivery arriving sometime last week nothing could quite have prepared me for the NINE boxes that arrived though!

The rest of the week was a frenzy of unpacking, photographing and cataloguing and I am pleased to say that the 11 yarns and 4 books that make up our launch range are now splendidly displayed on the site! Of course, we won’t be able to resist adding more from their extensive range over the coming months!

It’s always exciting when new stock arrives and I’m particularly looking forward to investigating the possibilities of the Purelife Renew yarn and patterns…

Not to mention the Felted Tweed, Cocoon, Drift, Kidsilk, Wool Cotton and Pure Wool… In fact the Pure Wool might even tempt me to finally launch myself into a crochet challenge and start on a hexagon blanket a la Rosa P. You never know…

2 thoughts on “Rowan!

  1. oh oh oh – my love affair with rowan will never end, but unfortunately my purse strings do even before casting on. sigh.

    p.s. after moving house i finally got the button to work to link to your shop! (i’m not very technically minded so i’m quite proud of myself)

    p.p.s i LOVE your cardigan in previous post, and the lovely and not-so-lovely yarns mixed together works surprisingly well. that is a trick i will be trying.

    ginkotree xxx

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