I’m not sure why it took quite so long for me to invest in a copy of Cookie A’s new book “Knit.Sock.Love”… I’ve long been a fan of Cookie’s innovative sock designs and have knitted several over the years. The book is beautifully presented with great photography and I am sure I’ll knit almost all the socks at some point in the future. I have of course been immediately inspired to cast on and first up on the needles is ‘Stalagmite’ (from the ‘columns’ section of the book, which is divided up into sections determined by the style of the pattern – ‘columns’, ‘tessellation’ etc. etc.). The pair in the book are knit using Lorna’s Lace ‘Shepherd Sock’ which I’ve never used and was sorely tempted by (any excuse…) but then I remembered… Cocooned in my stash, just waiting for the perfect pattern, I had this…

No, not the foreground… that’s the Old Maiden Aunt ‘Midnight Owl’ that I used to such great effect in my recent ‘Chipmunk’ adventure. No, not that (although it would of course make a lovely pair of socks!). I’m talking about the other skein of green perfection that is the Wollmeise! Purchased last year at Knit Nation it’s been calling out regularly and has been considered for all manner of cowls, shawls, scarves and other 1 skein projects that would show off it’s wonderful shade of slightly limey, mossy green which is labelled ‘Pistazie’ (Pistachio). But hey, why not go completely wild and use sock yarn to knit… socks!?

It’s wound… and the 2.5mm Nova dpns are poised…

It even coordinates perfectly with the book cover 😉

Let the battle commence!

(I hoping for something like this…)

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  1. Ooh, I got that book for Christmas and am working my way through it, it’s really beautiful isn’t it?

    There’s a book knitalong going on on Ravelry if you want to check it out:

    Looking forward to seeing how the Wollmeise knits up – I have one skein of it that I’m always wondering what to do with. I need something worthy of it! It will have to be one of the knee-high designs I think, to take advantage of the 150g skein.

  2. Anj, your photography is always so amazing! I love that book too. Just need to get back into knitting again! Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

  3. Haha, I guess the coordination with the book cover is just yelling Knit Me – I’m Perfect. Which is true. Wollmeise is pretty darn perfect. I’ve had the joy of cruising the shop in person and it’s a sight to see (and buy!). And you are correct- that means Pistachio in German.

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