A very Precious Swallowtail

Our most local yarn artisan is the wonderful Natural Dye Studio who dye their amazing yarns just a hop, skip and a jump from the Meadow…

As might be expected they are very popular with my local customers, in fact some find it just too hard to say ‘No’ when the new delivery arrives (you know who you are!!)

And who can blame them when it’s possible (seemingly in the blink of an eye) to turn a skein of Precious Lace silk yarn into this amazing thing of beauty…

My friend Liz is a very talented (and very prodigious!) knitter and the evidence is right here for all to see! Kindly loaned to me so that I may capture its beauty and share it with you all (apologies for the second-rate model, I couldn’t possibly do it justice!!)

The pattern is Evelyn Clarke’s Swallowtail shawl which is a free download available via her web site here

I will be carefully delivering the shawl back to Liz this evening at the regular Stitch & Sip at Main’s restaurant in Yoxford where no doubt it will again solicit gasps of wonder and admiration.

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