Not blogging but knitting!

The weeks are just flying by at the moment! As well as keeping on top of Meadow Yarn, deliveries, new stock etc etc we’ve had (more than) our fair share of coughs and colds this winter and whole weeks seem to have passed in a fog of headachey, snotty, hacking that has worked its way around the family, back to the beginning and started over!

In amongst the piles of hankies and eucalyptus there has been some knitting too though… and now the sun is finally shining and all is well again.

Last off the needles, the much anticipated ‘Hoppy Blonde Hay‘. Hay is a downloadable pattern from Madeline Tosh by Veera Välimäki whose patterns I’ve knit previously and enjoyed. I’d been looking for an opportunity to use a ‘garments-worth’ of Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn for a while and this seemed like the perfect project. My sort of casual cardi (I live in ‘cardis’) and 4ply to boot. My favourite combination…

Paired here with my current favourite shirt – a green floral Indian cotton number that sums up my urgent need for Spring to arrive perfectly!

The knit was fairly straight forward – although I’m hoping that some errata will be published at some point because the odd mistake in the pattern made it slightly more complex than it needed to be! The yarn is lovely! I went for Hoppy Blonde – a ‘tone on tone’ semi solid in a warm mustardy, maizey shade of yellow that is my ‘must wear’ shade for this season!

A friend spotted the buttons in a local haberdashery store and bought them on impulse for me knowing I hadn’t found quite the right thing… they are perfect, Thank You Ann!

I’ve been wearing it almost constantly since it I finished it – hence it’s not-quite-as-pristine-as-when-it-was-blocked appearance in the photos!

Just to prove it – and because the sun shone the next day too – here are some more shots. Those of you who know me ‘in real life’ may also have spotted the new hair-do too 😉

If you’re tempted by the beautiful yarn it is (coincidentally!) our current ‘Spring Special’ and has 20% off in the store until Friday 25th March! Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook to see what’s coming up next as we celebrate the arrival of our favourite season with some great offers…

4 thoughts on “Not blogging but knitting!

    • Yes! I’ll be a bit late because there’s a birthday boy in the house today (and it’s not fair to leave him with 3 kids to put to bed and the washing up!!!) I am embarking on a *big* knitting project!! More to come on the blog later this week!

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