Perfect knitting weather…

Well… the weather has been perfect this week and we’re obviously still knitting!

Aside from casting on for a chunky tweed cardigan for Chris (the first ever!) of which you’ll hear more later this week, my thoughts are turning to lighter weight, airy knits. Lace knitting will be perfect for whiling away the hours I intend to spend sipping cold ginger beer in the dappled shade of the birch tree in our garden (well, a girl can dream can’t she!) Obviously the children will be playing delightful, harmonious games (quietly) while I do this and not demanding endless drinks, snacks and falling out over what to play and whose turn it is to be Yoda (!) while simultaneously falling off bikes, out of trees and into patches of stinging nettles!

Because some of you might actually be living my dream we’ve got a fabulous offer on our favourite lace weight yarns and the needles to match… Until the end of April (Saturday 30th) lace yarns from Fyberspates, Natural Dye Studio, Austermann, Rowan, Noro & Manos del Uruguay are all 15% off. There’s also 15% off Addi Lace Circular needles, the perfect tools for delicate projects in luxurious yarns…

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