Not only knitting…

It has become apparent that I don’t knit enough… (you may just have heard the gasps and splutters and guffaws from the other members of this household in response to that declaration) What it boils down to is this; in order to blog regularly about knitting I need lots of new exciting projects with which to wow you! Hmmm… the will is certainly there, I’m just not so sure about the time! So, in lieu of the exciting knitting and in an effort to make this blog a bit more than a showcase for new products and special offers (nice as they are!) it’s time to broaden our horizons. Meadow Yarn is so much more to us than simply a ‘yarn store’, it’s fundamental to our way of life… to us living in harmony with our children, our surroundings and each other! Home educating our boys, growing on our allotment, surrounded by beautiful rural Suffolk there’s a lot to share. To sum it up life is not only about knitting!

This glorious Easter weekend we pottered and pootled around, seeing friends, stopping by nurseries and garden centres, discussing the possibility of hens in the back garden, hunting eggs, picnicking and finding treasures all along the way…

At this time of year, just slightly before the Cow Parsley really comes into flower our local hedgerows and verges are filled with these. Alexanders were introduced to the UK by the Romans (that’s enough to get the boys interested!) and the celery-like stalks were braised or boiled and eaten for hundreds of years before falling out of favour and general culinary use. We picnicked at our favourite playground on Sunday and were surrounded by billowing swathes of Alexanders so I couldn’t resist sneaking a few stems away to ‘prettify’ our garden table. They smell quite pungently fragrant and the zingy lime green stems combined with lemony flower heads make for a lively combination. Perfect for a terracotta pot and with any luck the seeds will find homes in our lawn meadow and we can harvest our own Alexanders in the future!

Talking of zingy, lemony green, Kate Davies of the wonderful Needled blog released her latest pattern on Friday. Deco  (Ravelry link) has shot straight to the top of my ‘to do’ list and I’m very much liking the yarn / colour she’s chosen for her original  (and the Orla Kiely dress is really very nice too!!)

© Kate Davies / Needled

You can buy the pattern direct from Kate’s blog or via Ravelry

Kate’s blog is my top ‘must read’ and a new post is always sure to enlighten in some way or another. As well as being a fabulous knitwear designer she is an inspirational person…

And it did end up being a ‘knitting’ blog post after all!

2 thoughts on “Not only knitting…

  1. Surley not don’t tell me now their is more to life than knitting!! Hehe what an idillic lovely lifestyle you life.

    I read Country Living Magazine and sadly that is as close to “country Living” as I’ll get living in a town.

    But I love reading your blog.



    • I am of course very careful to edit out all the less-than-idyllic ‘hanging washing on the line whilst yelling at the kids’ type moments 😉 We are both town/city ex-pats so we fully appreciate just how blessed an existence we have! I too read Country Living to see how it should be done… Thanks for your kind words x

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