Satisfying an urge for neck apparel…

I have a large collection of knitted neck apparel. Scarves, cowls, shawls and shawlettes (why yes, of course there is a difference…) and through the winter months I am rarely seen without something knitted wrapped around my neck, slung over my shoulder or trailing behind me!

Come the warmer weather I have a dilemma. Much as I am fundamentally a creature for whom warm, sunny weather is the ideal, I miss my scarves! After the last glorious weekend of record breaking temperatures I reluctantly put my collection of knitted neckwear away (in the hope that it won’t all disappear into dressing up / toy boxes or be trailed around the garden before next Autumn!) and with a flash of inspiration shuffled through the large bag of ‘fat quarters’ and half yards of quilting cotton that I’ve accumulated over the last couple of years…

I’ve never made a quilt and rarely get the sewing machine out (it has to be dragged out from the back of the utility ‘cupboard’ and the dining table then needs to be cleared – and all this ideally while the children are asleep/distracted – hence knitting is usually a far more attractive proposition!) but I think I might attempt, over the course of this next long weekend, to turn strips of these lovely fabrics into a soft, drapy, crumpled scarf that I can wrap, throw and trail over my shoulder through the warm days and evenings ahead.

I’m tempted to edge it with some of this delightful pom-pom braid spotted on the Cloth Kits web site this week!

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