The meadow

The eponymous meadow is well and truly alive now. After an incredibly warm, dry April the grasses are already knee high and the insect life is rife. Not to mention sightings of hares, young rabbits and the odd deer!

The swallows have a rowdy brood in the rafters of the tractor shed and watching the adults  swoop in and out with mouthfuls of food to a rapturous reception is hypnotic!

The May (hawthorn) blossom is emerging and the Crab Apple, which was just last week at its best is already fading…

As is nature’s way, things are constantly changing…

We have been hatching plans this weekend that will change things around here, some meadow related, some yarn related! All will be revealed over the next couple of months…

In the meantime, we are preparing for a little mid-season treat! Keep an eye on the shop web site over the next day or so (or as long as it takes me to get it all together!!) and there will be some truly bargainous price reductions… and yes, of course ‘bargainous’ is a real word 😉 No matter what my spell-checker might think.

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