Knitting in a posh tent!

You may have noticed that we sneaked away for a little family break last week… The 5 of us upped and went for a few  peaceful days (well, as peaceful as it can be with 3 small boys!)  to a fabulous Featherdown Farm in Wiltshire. If you’ve not come across the Featherdown concept before do take a look… especially if you love the idea of camping but the trials with toddlers and unpredictable UK weather are off-putting! Featherdown tents look like this…

Yes, that is a very relaxed mummy, knitting happily, while the two smallest contemplate another adventure (probably involving the chooks that were free-ranging about the field!) No.1 son has probably got his nose in a book somewhere in the background!

Just 6 tents in a large field, no cars, no electricity but a cosy woodburner, oil lamps, candles and a proper floor, standing room right the way through the very spacious tent with a master bedroom, bunk room and an ingenious ‘cupboard’ bed which the boys loved – not to mention the running water in the ‘kitchen’ and the mains-plumbed-flushing-toilet! This was my sort of camping. All of the great bits of outdoor living with none of the tiresome bits (crawling in and out of a damp tent, nothing to prepare food on, no loo… etc. etc.)

A close-up of one of our more inquisitive neighbours:

along with her 20 or so friends!

Lots of opportunity for friendly interaction…

Tempting as it was to while away the hours knitting, feeding chooks and hanging out with the other campers we did manage to see some of the Wiltshire sites too! Avebury stone circle, Longleat Safari Park, Lacock Abbey (location for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films!), Caen Hill Locks at Devizes and Bowood House all went down very well with children and grown ups alike – a perfect combination of attractions to fill a very very enjoyable few days! And even the weather was kind to us with barely a break in the sunshine – although the wind did at times threaten to whisk us and the tent away ‘Kansas’ style!

Most importantly, I did a *lot* of knitting and ‘The Big One‘ is well underway. Watch out for an update later in the week!

That is after I’ve reacquainted myself with the ‘barn’ and got on top of the list of orders waiting to be dispatched. Thanks for your patience if you are in the queue 😉

Just a few more snaps of some of the creatures we got to meet at Longleat (if big hairy spiders and snakes aren’t your thing click away now!!)

A very friendly Fallow deer

No.1 son relishing the chance to make friends with a Tarantula…

and a Royal Python!

Mummy politely declined the offer to hold both of the above and took the smallest to see the Armadillo instead!!

2 thoughts on “Knitting in a posh tent!

  1. I’ve always liked the look of the featherdown concept. Unfortunately my partner is far too into pretending he’s a rugged outdoors type to ever agree to go and stay in such a posh tent!

  2. Ooh I love the look of Featherdown too but my husband is the same as Jo’s. Pff!
    Brave you with the snake. On ds’s first school trip when he was 4, he was the lucky one to get a snake around his neck, I stood there petrified as he had a great big smile on his face!

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