At this time of year our ‘other’ meadow does something quite spectacular – and I thought you might like to see!

It’s very hard to do it justice with a camera but essentially what we have is 9 acres of ox eye daises!

Two bug-hunting boys in the foreground and a sea of white daises beyond! The third boy takes exception to walking through long grass and is probably trailing behind trying to persaude someone to carry him…

The meadow is close to home and is an on-going project… So far we’ve planted some trees (some fruit, some native for wildlife habitat and firewood in the future). We have plans to cultivate more of it in the not too distant future, plans which are quite exciting!

While we plan a more bountiful future for the meadow there is already always an opportunity to harvest something or other from the hedgerow…

The same visit provided enough of these…

fragrant Elderflowers to make 2 litres of Elderflower cordial! I used this Sophie Grigson recipe and now we have enough to see us through the summer. It’s perfect topped up with fizzy water and a slice of lemon. Especially now that summer has truly arrived and we have the Test Match on the radio and the Swifts wheeling noisily above the village…

One thought on “June…

  1. Looking v. beautiful – I have plans for you to pitch a featherdown style tent there for our weekend retreat – how u liking that idea??

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