The daily commute…

Our office is a 10 minute drive from our house through winding lanes surrounded by mostly arable farm land. Yes, I know how absolutely amazingly lucky I am that I don’t have to suffer an hour on the tube with my nose in someone’s arm pit or sit in a perpetual traffic jam trying to get to the centre of a city somewhere. I have done both in previous lives and wouldn’t go back to either without a *lot* of kicking a screaming!

In this part of rural Suffolk the farming is mainly arable with the odd field of cows and a few sheep here and there. There is a lot of winter wheat & barley, quite a lot of oilseed rape and some maize but we are blessed with some small local farms who grow things that are slightly more interesting and a *lot* more beautiful!

This is flax…

A sea of perfect periwinkle blue flowers, swaying gently in the breeze under a cloudless blue sky. For the last week this view has appeared in front of me as I pootle along a quiet lane and more than once I’ve had to stop, just to appreciate the beauty for a few minutes.

Flax is the source of Linseed Oil – a wonderful source of Omega fatty acids dontcha know 😉 but it’s also the fibre used to spin linen. I don’t know what this Flax will end up being once it’s  harvested. I do know that it’s left to go to seed and not harvested until it’s pretty dry and brown so maybe the seed is taken for oil…  or maybe it’s taken off to a mill and spun into linen yarn! One day I’ll bump into a friendly local farmer and remember to ask all the important questions!

In the meantime I shall make the most of this view on my daily commute…


This concludes the recent series of ‘meadow’ posts,  normal knitting blogging will now resume!

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