Golden Ostrich Plumes in progress

The skein of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in ‘Gold’ that I wound into a cake last week has started it’s slow transformation into a thing of even more impossible beauty!

I have in my sights a light, airy rectangular stole that I can drape elegantly over my arms/shoulders at a late August family wedding… Obviously I will then spend most of the day wiping snotty noses, getting smeared with mucky fingers and the like but hey, it might work well as a cover-up for the inevitable stains on the grey linen dress and I could even still look halfway presentable as the lights dim for the first dance… or maybe not but  a girl can dream!

I decided eventually (Ravelry is a baaaad place when one is searching for the perfect pattern, too much choice can definitely suck a knitter into a black hole!) on Veronik Avery’s Ostrich Plume Stole from Knitting 24/7. It was an excuse to buy a book I’d had my eye on for some while and there are several other patterns in the book that will definitely get knit one day!

© Veronik Avery - from Knitting 24/7

My yarn is lighter weight than the one used above but I think it will make a super airy stole that will be just beautiful (if I can just memorise the stitch pattern and stop having to tink back to fix mistakes!!)

It’s a work in progress…

2 repeats down, 120+ to go! I’ve got 2 months, give or take a week… What do you think? Can I get it done??

4 thoughts on “Golden Ostrich Plumes in progress

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  2. I am just about to start the same stole! Looked for a loooong time, and finally settled for this one. Hope to finish it in time for my daughter’s graduation in May!

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