Big knitting weekend ahead!

It’s the second annual Knit Nation event this weekend at London’s Imperial College. Organised by Cookie A (fantabulous sock designer!) and Alice Yu (of Socktopus) last year’s event was amazing! A 3-day fibre-fest with classes galore and a wonderful marketplace full of tempting goodies from some of the loveliest spinners, dyers and purveyors of knitting goodies around…

© Knit Nation

While we would love to have a stand there frankly the level of organisation involved scared us off – maybe when the boys are all a bit bigger – so I’ll just be heading up to London on Saturday to mooch, chat, spend (a little!) and generally enjoy the lovely atmosphere that is inevitable when large groups of knitters get together.

I am looking forward to experiencing the ‘Knit-Tea Salon’ which appears on the surface to combine my two favourite past times! Those of you who have ordered from our shop will know about my little tea habit 😉

I came away from last year’s marketplace with a wonderful skein of Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn which ended up being incorporated into my ‘Chipmunk‘ cardi – still one of my favourite and most worn knits to date. I also nabbed a skein of Wollmeise ‘twin’ which is still (slightly stalled) on the needles but will eventually become a lovely pair of Stalagmite socks – which is incidentally a Cookie A pattern – hey, maybe Knit Nation truly is the epicentre of the kntting universe 😉

This year I will be making a bee-line for Natural Dye Studio (to check out Scheherezade in particular!), Skein Queen – who I believe may be launching the *perfect* new cardigan yarn, Sweet Clement – who’s yarn I have yet to see in the flesh, Old Maiden Aunt – how could I resist and The Yarn Yard among many many others!

I’ll be doing a little bit of personal shopping (I am sure!) but I’m also on the lookout for new things for Meadow Yarn too – we’re spending this summer streamlining our yarn range, finding new treasures and specialising a little bit more…. and I have a feeling that Knit Nation might prove to be quite inspirational!

If you happen to be at Knit Nation on Saturday I’ll be the one wearing the ‘Hoppy Blonde Hay‘ (until it gets too warm!), sipping Earl Grey and knitting furiously to get my Spun Gold Stole finished… there may well be a bag full of yarnie goodness about my person too!

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