Mystery Shawl

Now, it’s no secret that I have an ever-expanding collection of scarves, shawls, cowls and other neck adornments (well, a lady can never have too many scarves…) so I was very excited to stumble across a fabulous Shawl KAL (knit-a-long) running this August.

If you’ve not taken part in a KAL before I can highly recommend it! Patterns are divided into chunks that are released weekly and it’s a fun game of show-and-tell as mystery projects emerge in a multitude of amazing yarns! Not knowing quite what you’re making (aside from the obvious ‘sock’ or ‘shawl’) just adds to the interest. Hunt Ravelry for ‘KAL’ patterns to get more of an idea about this addictive communal knitting process…

Stephen West is a fabulous designer of all things neck-related, if you haven’t come across him before please do check out his amazing designs. Even so, I’ve somehow managed not to knit any of his patterns thus far! To rectify this sorry situation I shall shortly be casting on for the Mystery Shawl KAL. With these…


It’s Manos Serena, which I’ve been dying to knit with ever sice it arrived this Spring. Local customers from my Tuesday night ‘Stitch & Sip’ have been suitably wowed by its drape and general knitterly behaviour so i am sure I won’t be disappointed…

I just need to turn those beautiful skeins into something more manageable (the ball winder and swift will be in action tomorrow!) and then I will be off. Watch this space for weekly updates!

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