Just in time?

The season has definitely ‘turned’ here this week. Even though it’s the sunniest it’s been for a while this morning there is a look about the air that says ‘Autumn’! The Swifts have moved on, starting their huge journey back south and the leaves on the massive Beech tree that towers over our house are showing sure signs of gold…

So it’s just as well that I’ve finally finished Chris’s Smokin’!

This gorgeous chunky cardigan by Jared Flood (published in the ‘Son of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch’  book) is a simple knit with some lovely details. A seamless knit from the bottom up is has a garter stitch shawl collar, button band and border with lovely saddle shoulders (more on those shortly!)

I’ve been informed that the Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky is *very* cosy (perfect for a photo shoot on a warm early Autumn day – ahem!) and Chris is sure that it will be a welcome addition to his wardrobe in our old, drafty, not-centrally-heated house this winter (especially if the coming winter is anything like the last one!)

My only modification from the original pattern was to make the pockets ‘angled’ slouchy patch pockets rather than the smaller, rectangular ones specified. The original pockets looked a bit small for Chris’ ‘man hands’ and while contemplating making them bigger it seemed appropriate to make them deeper and thus to angle them as well. I just made it up as I went along, emulating the garter stitch button band… They have been declared a success!

I absolutely love the way the saddle shoulders were constructed and how they fit and I am now on a mission to find a sweater pattern for myself sporting similar…

The buttons are a lovely set of vintage leather ‘football’ buttons that I spotted on Etsy. We don’t have a spare so I will be counting them in each night for fear of having to find replacements!

To sum up… Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky* is lovely to knit with, even for someone not usually a fan of chunky knitting, although next time I offer to make a generously slouchy cardigan for a 6ft plus man I will try to choose yarn that comes in 100g balls at the very least! It took a *lot* of 50g balls of yarn so there were a *lot* of ends to weave in!!

* We’ve still got lots left in the sale if you’re tempted…

All the pattern details are documented on Ravelry here

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