Spun Gold…

My Ostrich Plume Stole is finished (and had a successful ‘posh’ first outing too!)

The stitch pattern was incredibly easy to memorise – which is always a bonus but doesn’t mean it’s free from mistakes, obviously…

The gold Fyberspates Lace weight yarn was a dream to work with and the colour sang out from the depths of my knitting bag as it accompanied me here, there and everywhere! This was knitting with a deadline after all… the family wedding with the slightly scruffy ‘vintage’ (read second-hand-up-cycled!) dress, the shiny new shoes (orange!) and the finishing touch – the ta-da flourish – the gold stole! It was, amazingly, finished, ends woven in and steam blocked with a whole 4 days to spare! I am wondering if maybe I have been abducted by aliens it’s so unlike me not to work right up to (and possibly beyond) an important deadline 😉

The outfit was declared a success, the stole garnered the odd compliment (without casting a shadow over the bridesmaids who were resplendent in purple!) and it will be a welcome addition to my Autumn wardrobe for it is light, airy and the perfect length to accessorise my usual – slightly less posh – jeans and scruffy t-shirt!

All details ‘ravelled’ here

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