Is it finished yet mum?

A common refrain over the past few weeks in the Meadow Yarn household! After many months of hinting, politely asking and downright demanding from Tom, I finally set about knitting the much desired ‘hoody with a zip’. Those of you that know me (or have eyes!) will have realised that I am mostly a ‘selfish knitter’… with a large scarf collection… and some nice cardigans…

It’s not often I pick up the needles intent on creating a large garment for someone else (at least I’m honest!) but after finishing The Big One earlier this summer the prospect of a cardi for an 8 year old wasn’t too desperate 😉

I think he’s quite pleased with it 😉

It was a nice easy knit, with chunky yarn, using this pattern by Diane Soucy. The original pattern didn’t have a hood but I found someone on Ravelry who had added one and kindly made notes (such a fabulous community!)

The yarn I used was from our clearance sale – Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed – and while it is lovely and soft and nice to knit with it’s not got much body so the hood is a bit flippy-floppy if I’m honest. He doesn’t seem to mind though…

My stitch gauge was a little off so I knit the largest size knowing it would likely come up small and it’s a good job I did as it’s a perfect fit on my rather tall, skinny boy!

It’s all Ravelled here and what’s left in our clearance sale (still some nice bargains to be had!) is here. The original pattern can be found here

The only problem I have now? The other two boys want to know when theirs will be done… and with Christmas looking (I know, I know!!!) the next couple of months might not be quite so selfish!

2 thoughts on “Is it finished yet mum?

  1. Hmmm … makes me think maybe I should be less of a selfish knitter over the next couple of months!
    Not sure I like the sound of that!

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