Sustainable knitting!

This weekend sees our local farm shop host the Suffolk Herring Festival. A celebration of this wonderful little fish that visits our shores each year. The festival includes demonstrations showing how to prepare and cook Herring, traditional skills such as net and withy making and plenty of music, singing – and of course eating!

The finale is an auction of knitted fish! Seeing as the host of our local ‘Stitch & Sip’ group is the collection point for the fish we couldn’t help but join in the knitting fun! Members have been busy creating  amazing woolly sea creatures from flat fish to crustaceans and even an amazing octopus! My humble contribution is a rather flamboyant looking Herring…

A make-it-up-as-I-went-along pattern and lots of embellishment after I spotted a rather nice bag of pearls and beads in a local antique shop for a few pence!

Some left over Natural Dye Studio sock yarn lurking in my stash seemed appropriate!

The auction raises money for the Marine Conservation Trust. Let’s hope my little fella helps the cause! I just have to stop the children entering a bidding frenzy after they all took a shine to him!!

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