It’s a funny time of year for knitting in the Meadow Yarn world! Just as my head fills with umpteen new ideas and ‘must knit’ projects are being published all over the place ready for the ‘season’ we get super busy in the shop, the weather means the boys are all hovering around inside much more and suddenly my knitting time is squeezed into stolen moments…

First thing in the morning while I’m drinking tea and ‘coming to’… Last thing at night after the boys are (hopefully!) asleep…

Almost mirroring the disjointed knitting time and the fizzy, full-up brain my projects have been stalling, unravelling and generally misbehaving!

These two beauties were all set to become a ‘Different Lines’ shawl. I’ve had them cosy together waiting for a free slot since Knit Nation back in July – where I purchased the rather lovely Shetland 2 ply from Well Manor Farm to pair up with the gorgeous Babylonglegs Semi Precious that I treated myself to earlier in the year… All that time they’d been nestled cosily in my project bag, looking lovely… the slightly rustic tweedy Shetland complimenting the warm silky glow of the silk blend. As I was winding the skeins into cakes I did have a fleeting moment of doubt but I cast on and set off regardless. Several ‘stripes’ down the line I had to accept the truth. The colors just don’t work together. The flat grey/brown of the Shetland sucked all the light out of the gold which became a dark ‘sludgy’ brass. Even here, side by side, they still look fine but knit in garter stitch the combination just didn’t work. So, off the needles it came. Back to the drawing board. I still have in mind to mix the silk with something tweedy and ‘rougher’. I want that contrast… but I think I need something lighter, brighter and I might just go for this;

It’s Rowan Fine Tweed, their new offering for this season and it comes in the cutest little 25g balls, designed especially for colourwork. I think it might do the trick!

If you’re drooling over the Babylonglegs yarn (and if not, why not?) then watch the shop… This bag of beauties arrived yesterday and are waiting to be photographed later today 😉

When the photos are done you’ll find them here

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