Sunday was one of those perfect days that happens by accident and will be treasured forever.

We woke, after a hyperactive, excitable birthday-party-filled-Saturday (6, he’s 6 can you believe!)Ā  to find glorious sunshine. After the last week of grim, grey, damp days the urge to ‘just get out there’ was too strong to resist so we turned our backs on the domestic disarray and piled into the jalopy to head off to the beach. Randomly selected, the beach of the day was Walberswick. A true treasure of the Suffolk Heritage coast but one we avoid ‘in season’ being as we are, spoilt for choice!

The tide was way up high and a few days of windy weather had left the beach strewn with seaweed. Perfect treasure hunting conditions!

Into our bucket went all manner of ‘treasure’ – we certainly have a varied definition between us – Cuttle fish, Bladderwrack, crab shells, an old kite string handle, a piece of rope… Seaweed was lifted and some lovely ‘mermaid’s purses’ were discovered…

Until an excited shout from Chris…

it’s amber! Washed up in amongst the seaweed it is Baltic Amber. Our coast is renowned for it but in the 11 years we’ve been beach combing here it’s the first piece we’ve found – and it was followed very shortly after by another! Autumn and Winter are prime amber hunting times, as the colder sea makes it relatively more ‘salty’ and so more buoyant. The pieces of amber get scooped up off the sea bed by strong currents and then caught in seaweed ready to be dumped on our beaches in high seas!

Amber is light as plastic so easily distinguished from pebbles and glass. It’s also ‘warm’ to the touch. There’s an amber museum in Southwold so I think we’ll be taking a trip later this week to find out more about our very special finds.

We took our treasure home… Some of it to be surreptitiously recycled (I’m not sure we really need an old kite handle), some assimilated into the already huge pebble/glass/crab shell collection and some to be truly treasured…

We settled on the sofa for a family DVD before roasting a Chicken for dinner and watching the sun dip below the trees… I even managed a few rounds of my own woolly version of ‘amber’ that happens to be on the knitting needles at the moment…

All in all, a day full of treasure and a day to be treasured.

3 thoughts on “Treasure…

  1. Yes, wasn’t Sunday glorious in Suffolk! and yes! we love that beach too šŸ™‚

    That amber was waiting just for you… I’ve been searching every time I go to the Suffolk coast and as yet I haven’t been lucky.

    Now I’m planning a winter trip šŸ˜‰


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