Best foot forward…

It’s probably a bit late to wish you all a Happy New Year, being as it’s the 10th of January already! (But do have a great 2012, won’t you?)

Who knows where the time has gone since I last visited here? The usual run up to the festive season saw us unpacking, picking, packing, dispatching, unpacking again etc. etc. and there were certainly some very happy knitters on Christmas morning if the parcels we dispatched were anything to go by. The larger-than-usual number of male customers and orders with little notes attached to the tune of ‘I have no idea if this order makes sense/can you please try to make sure the packaging doesn’t advertise the origin of the parcel’ and variations thereon always gives the game away!

My festive haul was almost wool-free (the theme was kitchenalia this year for some reason!) but not quite… bemoaning chilly feet and a lack of time to knit a toasty pair of slippers Chris suggested I indulge my feet in a pair of my favourite ‘house shoes’ just in time for the lounging season…

They are Haflinger clogs (from this lovely UK stockist) and they are gorgeous felted wool with comfy cork footbed and a non-slip sole so they can be indoor/outdoor shoes too. Perfect for my little trips to and from the Meadow yarn shed studio at the bottom of the garden! The quirky fraternal apple applique appealed to my sense of humour as well 😉

I’ve also just noticed, while checking that my links were all good, that there is also a wonderful pair of indoor slippers with a cat chasing a ball of wool appliqued onto the front! Perfect slippers for knitters!

There has been a surprising amount of knitting both cast-off and cast-on over the last few weeks… and as soon as the grey gloom lifts enough to take some half decent photos you’ll be the first to see what’s been going on ‘on the needles’…

I don’t know about you but the arrival of a new year always gets my fingers itching to start new projects. 😉


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