Christmas catch up

Back in November I noticed that outgoing parcels containing sparkly yarn were on the increase and patterns for cute baby knits were definitely popular. It wasn’t long before the crashing realisation dawned that *everyone else* had started their Christmas gift knitting while I was still blissfully unaware of the number of sleeps until the big day and the recipient of all my current works-in-progress was going to be, err, ahem… me.

So, I mentally scouted around the various family members who we’d need to come up with interesting/innovative/exciting gifts for and decided that the only one I could reasonably be expected to knit for was baby M, my super-cute niece.

I just happened to have a skein or two of Old Maiden Aunt’s amazing Organic Corriedale 4ply stashed away that I picked up at Knit Nation back in the summer so I grabbed a rather lovely shade of blue – called ‘Moody’ – and cast on…

I am so pleased with the result! The pattern was a vintage one from an old magazine – a fabulous internet find – and ‘non-baby’ pure wool with a bot of ‘oomph’ really complimented the structured shape. It was a lovely little knit that came together very quickly – even with the ‘old fashioned’ seaming, rather than my preferred seamless, top-down, in the round construction method. A quick scout around ebay found some perfect buttons that were in fact vintage 1940’s still on the original card!

Feeling fairly pleased with myself I downed knitting pins and picked up a different sort of needle to make a cute little pair of slippers to complete the gift…

They’re Kimono Baby shoes from the Homespun Threads web site. A pattern I’d highly recommend and a free download to boot. I used two different Amy Butler fat quarters that I happened to have in my stash of quilting-cotton-that-I-had-to-have-but-will-never-use-‘cos-I’m-a-knitter-not-a-sewer. With that in mind, while the pattern is simple, there was much swearing during the creation of these simple little shoes. Of course, I’d left the task until the last moment (the evening prior to seeing my sister’s family…) and I have just this to say, my sewing machine is inhabited by gremlins, demons and quite possibly the devil himself. And guess what, my sister absolutely loved them (and the cardi of course) and guess what else… they’re a bit too narrow for the darling little chubster’s feet… and I’ve promised to make some more…

[cardigan ravelled here]

5 thoughts on “Christmas catch up

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    • Hi Maya

      I was lucky enough to find an ‘internet angel’ who sent me her copy as she didn’t need it any more… It’s from an Australian woman’s weekly type magazine from the 1960’s! I’ve just upscaled it for my sister, knitted from the bottom up in one piece though so I might have a go at reworking the baby one for publishing one day!

      • I was actually meant the pattern for the baby cardigan – I’ve searched eBay and etsy for a copy of the pattern but haven’t been lucky so far. I’ll keep looking and hope I’ll find an Internet Angel who will mail me/send me a copy as well 🙂

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