Casting on…

Since we got our first delivery of Icelandic Lopi yarn back in 2010 I’ve used it for all manner of knits… Slippers (including some very fetching man-booties!) , hats and most recently a zip-up hoody for boy #2 but I’ve never really knit anything for myself with it.

I think one of these days I will get around to a full blown Icelandic fair isle yoke ‘Lopi’ sweater but not yet… In the meantime I have sated my appetite with a very very quick knit that is almost ready to cast off just 4 days after casting on – and it’s a full size, long sleeved sweater for me!

The pattern is Agnes by Melissa LaBarre for Quince & Co. and is a loose fitting ‘sweatshirt’ shape with cheeky little pockets that I’ll knit in a contrasting colour (can’t quite decide between pale grey and dark brown at the moment…)

The yarn is Icelandic Lopi in Golden Heather…

I’ve just the second sleeve to knit and the pocket dilemma to resolve and I’m there! Just in time for this sudden cold snap we’re having… just how on earth did we survive last Winter when this weekend felt bitterly cold and was our first frost since November!!

3 thoughts on “Casting on…

  1. I’ve just finished a Shalom cardigan with some Lopi I bought from you. I can’t believe how amazingly warm it is. I only had enough to do cap sleeves but am definitely planning another in a different colour and this time with long sleeves.

  2. Looking at your lovely Lopi yarn and sitting next to the chair where the OH’s 1980s Icelandic sweater is lying, I have itchy fingers to knit one. OH’s sweater is too small for him now (must’ve shrunk or something?) so I regularly wear it… but this week the tabby one has decided that it is hers!

    Keep looking at those gorgeous patterned yokes….


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