Be off with you February!

I’m not a big fan of winter in general – I quite like a bright, crisp, frosty day but give me flip-flops and a warm breeze and I’m at my happiest – and February surely is the worst of all. Over the Christmas excitement, a long way from the promise of longer evenings and warm days – and this year we got snow too! Let’s just say I’m never sorry to see the back of it and thank goodness it is the shortest month…

Having laid that bare it is, I have to admit,  a good knitting month! Firmly stuck in my winter ‘funk’ I seem to subconsciously make more time to pick up needles and sit, quiet in the gloom with soothing fibres and repetitive rhythms to get me through. So, while the blog has been sorely neglected through the darkest month, there is now lots and lots to share with you! See, it’s not all bad 😉

This is our youngest…


A smiley...


free-spirited (read wilful) ...


'Ninja of Fire' (apparently... I blame his big brothers!)

This is his new  ‘mummy-knitted’ Hoody…

It’s not nearly as much fun without him inside 😉


Pattern: Child’s Neck Down Jacket by Diane Soucy published here

(with added hood as inspired by ‘Frazzled Knitter’ here )

Yarn: Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed ‘Tartan’ (238) (from our own sale 😉 )

All ravelled here

2 thoughts on “Be off with you February!

    • Hi Ana. I should edit the post to include that vital information! It’s Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed in ‘Tartan’ (238) and the pattern is ‘Child’s Neck Down jacket’ by Diane Soucy (with added hood)

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