Off the needles: Agnes

When the cold, cold weather hit us in early February it suddenly became apparent that my particular penchant for knitting lightweight, 4-ply, 3/4 sleeve cardigans has its drawbacks!

It was suddenly of paramount importance that I have a soft, snuggly, sloppy jumper to get me through the sub-zero temperatures in our authentically period  frankly freezing Victorian house.

A true test for the warmest yarn from our range – Icelandic Alafoss Lopi. I’ve knitted a few things with this over the previous couple of years – very warm toasty slippers most notably – but have yet to test its true capabilities as a classic sweater yarn. The Lopi ‘craze’ is still going strong with patterns for authentic Icelandic fair isle sweaters flying off the shelves but I fancied something a little less taxing so hunted around and came up with Agnes

A pattern from Quince & Co. – a fabulous US yarn company with the most amazing colour palette and gorgeous pattern support this coincidentally called for yarn with the same gauge as the Lopi.

It was as easy as pie…

A really quick, easy knit… top down Raglan, knit on larger needles than the yarn recommends for a loose, easy fit. Cheeky contrast colour pockets proving just perfect for keeping fingers toasty.

It has garnered many compliments (it’s been worn a *lot* already!) not least from Mr. Meadow Yarn… look out for Monsieur Agnes – coming soon 😉

All ravelled here

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