Avoidance tactics!

It’s a proper ‘March Monday’ out there… blowing a gale, absolutely pouring with rain (and has been for most of the last 24 hours) and significantly colder than the promising start to March we experienced last week!

I’ve got a heap of orders to pack and dispatch (thank you lovely customers!) but would really rather be curled up in front of the fire with my knitting (well, that applies 99% of the time actually 😉 )

So today I’m choosing to view the world through some photos of a much brighter day from a week or so ago.

Our biggest boy turned 9…

and chose to visit a local RSPB bird reserve for his ‘birthday outing’ (gotta love that!!)

(With a request that cake and hot chocolate follow)

A gorgeous tramp through the sunlit woods… with the odd pause to savour the moment…

(ssshhhh… serious twitchers at work!!)

It can be a struggle to keep up with big brothers!

To our destination:

The Island Mere Hide. Lots of Swans and Coots, a majestic pair of Marsh Harriers and we’re forever hopeful that one day we’ll glimpse the elusive resident Otters.


What a lovely way to ‘try out’ being 9 for the first time 😉

Lots of hand-knits got a day out too – did you spot them all?

(And I’ve almost blanked out the stupendous meltdown that the littlest had when he realised he’d left his ‘favourite stick’ in the bird hide… ah well, it can’t all be perfect I guess!)

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