Silver & Gold

This cosy asymmetric shawl has seen a lot of action since it was finished a few weeks back:

A perfect accompaniment to ‘Agnes’, my standard grey/green/brown/gold collection of t-shirts and cardis and very welcome on nippy days (especially in the Meadow Yarn studio which has been a bit chilly this Winter!)

Knit with 1 skein of Babylonglegs Semi-precious in ‘Auld Gold’. I think the shade was a one-off that fell into my shopping basket when I was browsing Sarah’s own web site but similar colours are available from your favourite on-line yarn store ;-). The pale silvery grey is Rowan Fine Tweed. I’ll definitely knit more with that, it was lovely to work with and the finished fabric is dense and warm yet lightweight.

The pattern is Different Lines by Veera Välimäki – one of my favourite knitwear designers – and the construction was a lot more interesting than it might first appear… The shape, a sort of ‘wing’ is created using short rows and the miles and miles of garter stitch flew by in a soothing, yet not monotonous manner. A very enjoyable knit and so nice to wear I’m tempted to cast on another one (if only there were more hours in the day and a few hundred patterns less on my ‘must-knit’ list…)

All the details are here on Ravely.

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