Reydon Woods

Our boys ( as I may have mentioned before) are all home educated. Our daily routine is a mish-mash of work, play & learning… which is a very simplistic way of encapsulating the drawing, making, building, growing, shopping, cooking, reading, watching, shouting, running, rough-and-tumbling that we manage to fit into most days (and that’s just Chris & I 😉 )

Some days are harder than others… some days require more ‘work’ for the grown-ups and follow broken night’s sleep and involve tetchy toddlers…

and other days are just bliss…

'Home Ed Club'

Blue skies after days of grey and rain and we grabbed the opportunity to meet up with some other ‘home-edders’ and get outside!

Armed with crucial field guides.

Muntjac deer tracks spotted almost straight away… the days of rain had left the ground soft, perfect for discovering the wildlife that had passed by before us. The puddles were appreciated by a certain small boy wearing wellies too!

We found a patch of ancient hazel that had been coppiced...

and then protected with laid hedge from the deer – the gnarled stumps were quite majestic…

There was the obligatory camp building...

and some bow making too. Boys will be boys!

We picnicked, enjoyed a flask of hot chocolate and stared at the sky…


We felt just a little bit sorry for all the friends who were at school while we were tramping through the woods, anticipating the sea of bluebells that will surely grace the month of May. Plans to revisit this new and treasured place were made…

On days like these it all makes sense.

One thought on “Reydon Woods

  1. Having left the teaching profession last summer, totally disillusioned with the education system here in the UK, I applaud you both for your bravery and feel certain your boys will benefit greatly and thank you for it in later life.

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